Source Within

Maureen Becker has been a messenger for guides since 2006.

Her life plan of using her Education degree to teach in the public school system took quite a detour to become a full-time owner of Source Within.  When Maureen was pregnant with her first daughter she became ill and left her conservative mind-set behind as she searched for a way to be a healthy mom.

  This search led her to become a BodyTalk practitioner, and it was through this healing work that she 'accidentally' spontaneously channelled Archangel Michael for the first time during a BodyTalk session.  After working through her initial fear and resistance to being a channel, Maureen welcomed in the guidance of angels and spirit guides.  In June of 2006 her primary guide, the collective consciousness SAM, first came through.  She committed to working with SAM to bring messages of how to play an empowered game of life to all of those who wanted to learn. 

Maureen’s goal is to normalize channelled information as much as possible.

For all intents and purposes, she is a ‘normal chick;’ she just happens to hear these guides as well as her own thoughts. 

Kind of a cool gig if you ask her.  ;)

Currently Maureen lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, and is amicably divorced with two daughters, and three cats.  She continues to use SAM's philosophy to improve and shape her own life and is grateful for their teachings.



Maureen employs a unique style of channelling which the Guides have deemed 'Integrated Channelling'.

The Guides meld with Maureen to the degree where she does not have to channel them 'full channel' but instead can channel their energies with her personality in place.  When Maureen first channelled, she was unable to 'integrate' like this, but over the eleven years, SAM has taught her the ability to convey this channelled guidance in a personable, interesting, tell-it-like-it-is way so that these messages can reach more people and be easy to understand.


Maureen describes how this 'integrated blend' of her and the Guides developed, why SAM said they chose her, and what makes their combined skill-set so effective.



We promise to only send you good things.

This game of life is meant to be played with joy, love, contentment - not suffering and contrast.


Yes the law of attraction does work. Is your Soul willing to be that powerful?


Souls need to reconnect with their gifts and strengths, and own who they really are.


Time to shine dear ones! What is your deservability in shining?


Connecting the Soul with its Ego costume through Essence, allows your gifts to burst forth.


This integration of all that you are, allows you to play this game intuitively rather than defensively.


There is so much that you could create from this Integrated Being state! What's stopping you?


We can help you discover this Integration, discover you. And burst forth into this world as the firecracker you really are.


Fear, sadness,anger, doubt, all of that can be overridden. The fact you are a piece of 'god'? That is simple Truth.


Honoring your soul's purpose from a content, Integrated state. Now that is enjoyment of the game.


Source Within - Maureen Becker - Channeler - Guides - Angels - Empowereed Life - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada