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What is channelling?

The short answer is - every thought we have is an act of channelling.

It's just that some people are able to connect in with streams of thought or consciousness that are not within their own mind, but are on different planes or levels of existence.

Sound a little over the top?  At first, Maureen thought so too!


Maureen's first channelling experience:

Maureen recounts her story of her first channelling experience with Archangel Michael.



The Myths of Channelling: 

So what does Maureen do?  Go into a trance? Are we talking beaded curtains and crystal balls here?



Who is this SAM? 

Many of you have heard of Archangel Michael and other angels before, but who is this SAM?

Click this video clip to discover how Maureen connected with SAM, her primary guide.

She explains who they are and why their skill-set is so unique.



Can anyone else channel SAM?

The short answer is no.

According to SAM, they have integrated with Maureen Becker so fully that no other person on the Earth plane can channel them.


    See the philosophy of Maureen & Guides in action!

    They answer the question - Why Does Our World Lack Empathy?

    The Multichannel:

    Hear how Maureen's ADD has helped her to become an effective multichannel!


    What if I don't believe channelling is legitimate?

    Maureen will give you her answer to this, straight from the horse's mouth.



    What about other channels?

    I have met other channels but didn't get a good feeling about their information. 

    Are all channels legitimate?  Can anyone channel?  Can I learn to channel?


      Is Maureen able to channel deceased loved ones?

      Although mediumship is a form of channelling, Maureen does not consider herself a medium.

      Although Maureen has successfully brought through deceased loved ones several times, she does not consider it a part of ‘what she does’ for the very reason that she can’t control if this loved one can be found as the Guides only connect with them if they deem it necessary.  

      When people are attempting to make contact with their loved ones it is because they want peace about their death, want to ensure they are okay.  What Maureen & Guides can do is look at the Soul contract - why did this person die, what is their contract with you, is there any unfinished business, etc. This type of information of the 'what happened and why' can give you the peace you need to move on with your life.  If you wish guaranteed contact with your loved one rather than the information to fill in the blanks of what occurred, book with a medium instead.






        We promise to only send you good things.

        This game of life is meant to be played with joy, love, contentment - not suffering and contrast.

        - SAM

        Yes the law of attraction does work. Is your Soul willing to be that powerful?

        - SAM

        Souls need to reconnect with their gifts and strengths, and own who they really are.

        - SAM

        Time to shine dear ones! What is your deservability in shining?

        - SAM

        Connecting the Soul with its Ego costume through Essence, allows your gifts to burst forth.

        - SAM

        This integration of all that you are, allows you to play this game intuitively rather than defensively.

        - SAM

        There is so much that you could create from this Integrated Being state! What's stopping you?

        - SAM

        We can help you discover this Integration, discover you. And burst forth into this world as the firecracker you really are.

        - SAM

        Fear, sadness,anger, doubt, all of that can be overridden. The fact you are a piece of 'god'? That is simple Truth.

        - SAM

        Honoring your soul's purpose from a content, Integrated state. Now that is enjoyment of the game.

        - SAM

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