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Upcoming March 10 Event! 

l'aura and Danny Carroll and Maureen Becker & Guides March 10, 2018 Event - Healing Bowls Meditation & SAM Channel

Experience a deep,foundational shift in one evening!

Turn your inner chaos into peace and harmony as you join laura and Danny Carroll and Maureen Becker & Guides on an intuitive healing journey to release your hidden blocks and secure healthier templates for living your best life! 

The evening begins with an intuitively guided sound healing activation. You will experience the healing vibration of crystal singing bowls, original music and meditation, with laura and Danny Carroll. Experience and feel supportive, vibrational energy, to relax and unwind, and connect with your inner healer.

This will be followed by an intuitive channel by Maureen Becker, where her guides (collective consciousness SAM and Archangel Michael and his Fleet) will read the room and deliver otherworldly guidance and healing perspectives, tailored to what the people in the audience need to help shift their blocks. 

This unique healing combination of both vibrational and verbal energetic support will help you to open, shift, and heal! Catch the energy waves of transformation to shift stubborn patterns in a deep yet gentle way. 

Language warning: Note that there will be profanity used while Maureen Becker channels. 18 + suggested.

Disclaimer:  The healing energies offered during this event are for your highest good and healing. You are responsible for how you receive these healings and for your internal shifts made as a result of this energetic support.  You, your heirs, executors, administrators and assignees, do hereby release , Crystal Music Sound Healing, l'aura Carroll, Danny Carroll, Source Within, Maureen Becker, and any of their employees, volunteers, or other participants from all claims of damages, demands or actions whatsoever in any manner arising from and growing out of your participation.

EARLY BIRD PRICE expires March 2 at midnight!!!  NO REFUNDS on ticket purchases!

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l'aura and Danny Carroll info:

Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation

laura Carroll is an intuitive energy/sound healer with over two and a half decades of healing experience working with individuals, groups and workshops.

Danny Carroll is a composer/musician and educator, and creates magical and musical healing soundscapes. 

Together laura and Danny create a one of a kind energy shifting experience of music and sound activation that can help lift your energy, create space, and manifest the awareness for more unique possibilities within. Experience and feel supportive vibrational energy, to relax and unwind, and connect with your inner healer.
This Sound Healing Meditation will include original live electronic music and sounds, guided imagery, Tibetan and Crystal bowls, drum, chimes, mantras, chakra balancing and angel healing chants.


How can Maureen & Guides serve you at your next event?

Maureen & Guides’ ability to engage and inspire audiences gives your group the opportunity to experience new perspectives in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.


"Maureen your lecture “Working with Essence to Create Miracles In Your Life” (Body Mind Spirit Show April 17, 2011) was awesome!

You and your Guides could very well be a spiritual stand-up comedy act with a message. You were so entertaining and so informative and I am positive, that I speak on the behalf of all who were there.  The best way to learn in my opinion is with humour and you Babe have it! Wonderful, powerful, life-changing….all the world’s a stage and you and your Guides have everyone’s attention.  Mirror away."

-  Dawna from Canada



Maureen & Guides have spoken at various events including:

  • Winnipeg’s Body Mind Spirit Show
  • Spirit Seeker’s Canada Conference
  • Inspired Abundance Radio Show
  • Sacred Space Radio Show
  • various smaller spiritual groups around Winnipeg and area


    Please contact Maureen if you resonate with the Source Within teachings and are interested in having Maureen & Guides speak at your group, function, or workshop.


    "I am one half of the Body Mind Spirit Show [in Winnipeg.] It is an event that promotes all forms of alternative healing. Both my son and I agreed to have Maureen speak on more than one occasion. Maureen has the ability to cut to the chase, give answers and direction, but even more she leaves the decisions to you. She offers wisdom and truth from a whole other place. The universe, it opens up when she starts to speak. What you need to hear rings deep into your heart. Once we start to believe, to door is open to what can be.

    Oh, we had her back more than once, the people requested it, but more than that, we knew what she was sharing was so worth hearing, we wanted to hear more and more ourselves.

    If you get the chance, if she is in your area, do yourself a favour, and go. The time to listen to what is inside us is now."

    ~ Dale E. Scott


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    We promise to only send you good things.

    This game of life is meant to be played with joy, love, contentment - not suffering and contrast.

    - SAM

    Yes the law of attraction does work. Is your Soul willing to be that powerful?

    - SAM

    Souls need to reconnect with their gifts and strengths, and own who they really are.

    - SAM

    Time to shine dear ones! What is your deservability in shining?

    - SAM

    Connecting the Soul with its Ego costume through Essence, allows your gifts to burst forth.

    - SAM

    This integration of all that you are, allows you to play this game intuitively rather than defensively.

    - SAM

    There is so much that you could create from this Integrated Being state! What's stopping you?

    - SAM

    We can help you discover this Integration, discover you. And burst forth into this world as the firecracker you really are.

    - SAM

    Fear, sadness,anger, doubt, all of that can be overridden. The fact you are a piece of 'god'? That is simple Truth.

    - SAM

    Honoring your soul's purpose from a content, Integrated state. Now that is enjoyment of the game.

    - SAM

    Source Within - Maureen Becker - Channeler - Guides - Angels - Empowereed Life - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada