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Ultimate Connection Membership

$128.75/mth (GST included)

By Invitation Only


"Since joining the Ultimate Connection Membership my life has defined itself much more. I have manifested a path that I am certain is the highest level of bounty that is for my highest good and the highest good of the universe  I have a level of gratitude and appreciation that I never before did, as well as a feeling of peace and unconditional love.
I look forward to the never ending learning and understanding that is right in front of me!!!"
-  Terry from Winnipeg


What is the goal of this membership?

The goal of the Ultimate Connection Membership is to take the members beyond the consistent Essence connection experience and fully deepen their connection to Source in every way possible. This includes learning Soul lessons, clearing karma, and having a much deeper understanding of how the game of life really works.


Who is invited to participate?

If you feel like you are ready to work on deeper pieces of this journey, please contact Maureen. The Guides will then tune into whether you are a good match for this group and if this group is a good match for you.



Included in the Ultimate Connection Membership:

  • 24 hours a day/7 days a week energetic connection 
  • tailor-made teachings – Maureen and Guides will energetically ‘read’ your energy field so that they can tailor the Ultimate Connection level teachings to you
  • weekly teleconferences plus the monthly Spotlight teleconferences – Thursday Ultimate Connection Teleconferences  (7-8:15 pm CST) a weekly teleconference where Maureen & Guides connect in and read the Ultimate Connection Members to deliver cutting edge spiritual material.  Please click on the link above to read how the Thursday teleconferences can support your learning and shifting. Also included in this membership is the monthly teleconference on the third Wednesday of each calendar month - The Spotlight Teleconference 
  • private blog - The Ultimate Membership blog is offered as extra support around the teachings in the Thursday Night Teleconference.  How often Maureen blogs depends on what the Ultimate Members need and whether the Guides see that they need further support as a group.
  • private forum - The Ultimate Forum is a private arena for members to interact with one another and with the Guides in response to both the teleconferences and to what is going on in their daily lives. 
  • frequencies  – Maureen & Guides provide Ultimate members with the frequencies needed to help change soul contracts, overcome soul tendencies or karma that doesn’t serve them, and help them to achieve their ultimate Essence connection and gameboard.


"I've been in the Ultimate group for the past few years and I absolutely love it! It's kind of like my school that I go to every week; it's immeasurable.  I can't say how much it's affected my life and how it has helped me to just enjoy life a whole lot more!" 
- Andrea Zappe


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We promise to only send you good things.

This game of life is meant to be played with joy, love, contentment - not suffering and contrast.


Yes the law of attraction does work. Is your Soul willing to be that powerful?


Souls need to reconnect with their gifts and strengths, and own who they really are.


Time to shine dear ones! What is your deservability in shining?


Connecting the Soul with its Ego costume through Essence, allows your gifts to burst forth.


This integration of all that you are, allows you to play this game intuitively rather than defensively.


There is so much that you could create from this Integrated Being state! What's stopping you?


We can help you discover this Integration, discover you. And burst forth into this world as the firecracker you really are.


Fear, sadness,anger, doubt, all of that can be overridden. The fact you are a piece of 'god'? That is simple Truth.


Honoring your soul's purpose from a content, Integrated state. Now that is enjoyment of the game.


Source Within - Maureen Becker - Channeler - Guides - Angels - Empowereed Life - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada