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3rd Wednesday of Every Month

7:00 pm - 8:15 pm CST


Hello all Spotlight Members!


The following teleconference information applies to all upcoming Spotlight Teleconferences.


What is that phone number I use to call in for teleconferencing?


Dial 1(425) 440-5100 and then enter conference ID: (found within your account)


Occasionally, this number can be busy or not work, so they give back up numbers.

Back up number: 1-616-712-3139 with same conference ID: (found within your account)


IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The teleconferencing company now has local numbers, so depending on where you live, you may even be able to find a local number and thus not be charged long distance to call in. The local number for Winnipeg is 204-480-9140. You will find the list of other local numbers at the end of this page. If you use a local number, enter in the same Conference ID number as above.


Click here for other local numbers for Canada.

Please contact Lisa here if you require international local numbers, thanks!


Assuming you cannot find a local call-in number -who is your long distance provider? 

Please check your long distance plan as you will be charged for the 1 hour and 15 minute call each week. Some plans allow calls to Canada/USA for cheap rates (example MTS is only $5 per month) so just be aware that whatever provider you have, you will be charged according to what your long distance plan agreement is.


What to expect:

The teleconference will start promptly at 7 pm, even if everyone isn’t on the line. The teleconference will go into Lecture Mode at 7 pm, where you can hear Maureen but she can’t hear you. Maureen will be on the line in Interactive Mode at 6:55 pm, for those of you who wish to give feedback to Maureen about what has been going on for you as of late. Sometimes during the teleconference, the Guides choose to get feedback from a group member. The Guides will determine when or if to answer questions, depending on the flow of the teleconference.


Here are the phone commands for use during the teleconference: 

*0 on your phone tells you what commands you can use

*2 raises your hand & you can press *2 again to lower your hand if you change your mind or feel it gets answered.

*3 this decreases your microphone volume

*4 increases your microphone volume

*6 mutes yourself

*7 this unmutes yourself


What if I am late or need to leave early from the call?

The teleconference will not be locked, so you can call in late. If you have to leave for some reason in the middle of the teleconference, hang up and that will detach you from the call. You can in fact dial back into the same number and get in again.



The teleconference system I use records our sessions. About 15-30 minutes after our teleconference, the playback will be ready. Maureen will send you a link, and then you can either listen to it again, or download it to your computer. This link will also be posted within These recordings are copyrighted by Source Within and are obviously only for your own personal use, and not to be shared/ distributed with others.


Looking forward to having many wonderful teleconferences with you!


Source Within


We promise to only send you good things.

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Yes the law of attraction does work. Is your Soul willing to be that powerful?


Souls need to reconnect with their gifts and strengths, and own who they really are.


Time to shine dear ones! What is your deservability in shining?


Connecting the Soul with its Ego costume through Essence, allows your gifts to burst forth.


This integration of all that you are, allows you to play this game intuitively rather than defensively.


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We can help you discover this Integration, discover you. And burst forth into this world as the firecracker you really are.


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