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The following is an example of a typical day of how to bring Essence into your daily routine, how to live it without changing your routine.

Upon Wake Up: Say a quick line like:

“Essence, guide my day.”

If you know you have a difficult morning meeting ahead of you, you can say:

“Essence, help me to stay anchored into Source (or ‘stay Essence-based’) during this meeting. ____________ really bothers me so help me not to be swayed by his temper.  Help me to say/be what is for my highest good and the highest good of all involved.”

Then, when you walk into your meeting, instead of fretting about what could happen or what you may say or not do, you don’t, because you know you have asked Essence for help.


Lunch: You are tired. Though you managed through the meeting okay, it took a lot of energy and focus to stay Essence-based. You just want a good break. Instead, you see a colleague that you really don’t get along with coming to sit at your table. “Not now!” you think…but then you quickly realign and say:

Essence help!”

What this really says to Essence is “Help me to stay in Essence as I eat lunch with this colleague.”


After lunch: Indigestion! You’re not sure if you feel sick from the company or what you ate. “Oh no, I hope I’m not going to get sick! I can’t afford to get sick right now..”
You immediately catch your thoughts, reframe and say:

“Essence, I’m not sure what this indigestion/sick feeling is about but can you help me deal with it? Thanks.”

You let it go, knowing you’ve asked for help. You get out of the way and stop worrying. A few minutes later you are inspired to ask your friend if she has any Tums. You would never do that before. And surprisingly, she does. You take two, and in a few minutes you feel better. You realize your ‘Essence guidance’ was to take the Tums. You giggle and move on.


After the work day: You now have other things in your personal life to attend to. You aren’t sure which to do first. You are overwhelmed at all that you have to do. Normally, this would put you in a funk, and you’d be snappy and miserable. Instead, you reframe and say:

“Essence, I am overwhelmed. I have so many things to do and not enough time to do it. And I’m tired. Help guide me to what to do when(order), so that I can use this time most effectively and for my highest good. Thanks.”

Your stress leaves, knowing that you are going to have inspired help of knowing what order to proceed, how long to spend on each task, etc. As a result, you experience more flow than you ever dreamed – you get done all of the tasks that you wanted to get done, with no stress. You thank Essence and decide to be more cognizant of other times where you could ask Essence for guidance/help like this.


It’s 8 pm. You haven’t exercised in 4 days. You haven’t cleaned your house in 10 days. You have bills to pay, things to do – a list a mile long. And yet all you want to do is plop yourself on the couch and watch TV. You feel guilty just at the thought, and spend more time criticizing yourself about what you should be doing, rather than just making a decision and doing it. So you say:

“Essence, what is truly for my highest good to do right now? You know all the things I have to do….can I rest and watch TV and still find a way to get some other things done? What is the divine path for me right now?”

You feel an immediate sense of relief, like someone has blown a breeze right by you. There is no pressure, you know that all things can get done in divine timing. You realize that you could do some stretches and lift a few weights (‘weights’ can be 2 cans of beans) while you watch a TV show. You do so and don’t feel guilty – you are honouring your need to chill, but also happy that you are stretching or doing something for your body as well. The show ends.

You tune in – “Now what?” You realize that you could open some of your mail and pay some bills while the next show is on….you follow that intuitive guidance and do so with enjoyment rather than guilt. The rest of your night flows that way – you have a sense of what to leave for tomorrow, what to do today. You feel joy and contentment and trust that you are doing what is best for you and the others involved.


Bedtime: You say something like:

Essence, thanks for helping me with_____________. I realize that I could be opening more to my intuitive guidance. I experienced flow today in ways I never expected, as soon as I remembered to ask you for help. So I’m going to do that more. Help me to have a restful, regenerative sleep and if there is anything you need to tell me, I will know in the morning. I have gratitude for your help…..”

That can be an Essence-based day dear ones. Nothing changes in your environment. You don’t have to hold yogic poses at lunch time and enforce 30 minutes of meditation or else you’re not spiritual or tuning into your Essence.

You just ‘be’ with Essence – you go about your daily business with Essence.

For some of you, you may feel like you are giving over too much control to Essence by doing this. But we point something out – you already are giving out a lot of control! But do you know who you are giving it out to? Ego or Soul. Ego or Soul are filtering up through your conscious mind to guide your day and influence your choices. Would you seriously rather have Ego and Soul driving your bus rather than Essence? If you’re going to open to guidance, where do you want it to be coming from? Because we can tell you, you’re already opening to guidance, that’s what your subconscious mind does all day.

Be more conscious in your day, in your life. That’s all that working with Essence is – it’s surrendering when you need help or guidance or a boost of good will. It’s opening to the guidance you are receiving. And it’s implementing that guidance with faith.



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