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I really don't get a pull often to write on this blog, I feel like whatever I have to say, I say on my radio show or say to my clients who are in my groups.  And so if you do want to keep up with current teachings, my Just A Normal Chick That Channels radio show on News For The Soul would be the best way to do that.

However, just for old times' sake, I will give you a bit of an update.

If you've read my other blogs, you'll know one of my biggest 'learnings' this lifetime is to do with self-love, and one way that has been tested is through my weight.  Since posting blogs about my discoveries around health, I have lost 40 pounds and have kept it off for a year or more, but I still have 60 pounds to go and am certainly not out of the woods yet. Though these 40 pounds were lost on my own, with the biggest stimulus having to be eating sea moss in my shakes, I have now decided to 'get help' to lose the remaining 60 pounds and am happy to have a rich resource to receive that help.   Have you ever heard of The Gabriel Method?  So far in my search, it is the only weight loss support system that is actually not aimed at what you're eating or what exercise you're doing (though there is a lot of info about this too).  The focus in The Gabriel Method is all about the emotional reasons behind your weight gain.  Visualization meditations are used daily to help you connect in with your Source connection (he calls it 'a ball of Light') and use that connection to work through food/sugar cravings, emotional roots of your weight gain, etc.  It's a fabulous program.  So I encourage people who may be ready to tackle more of the emotional roots of why they overeat, to try out his program.  He has written a few books, but also has a website where he is constantly offering new in-depth programs to deal with weight loss.

Though I have  SAM in my head to help guide me through some of this resistance, I have discovered that they are only allowed to help me so much. If they fully deliver exactly what I need to shift this, they have cheated in some way, intervened in an experience that is meant to be my own.  Though I lost the 40 pounds through their guidance of certain 'tricks', I felt like they were holding back on giving me more support.  After point blank asking them if they were karmically held back from helping me fully lose weight, their answer was that in some ways, it would be better for me to lose the weight with other resources so that I could then suggest these 'other methods that worked for me'.  If SAM helps me lose 100 pounds, then I will begin attracting a lot of clients to help also lose this weight, and that is not SAM's purpose in what they are meant to be teaching. Not to mention, why recreate the wheel?  The Gabriel Method truly has figured out how to help people - helping people lose the 'protection' that weight gain offers, discover their emotional roots and heal them using EFT Tapping, visualization/meditation, as well as other methods. Jon Gabriel is networked well with many other resources to support these shifts. So the Universe already has 'the answer' for energetic/emotional weight loss.  So I started Jon Gabriel's course (New Year, New You) in January 2018.  I guess time will tell to see how long it will take for the 60 remaining pounds to be lost.  He suggests no scales, no weighing, but to focus fully on getting your body towards seeking out health and wanting to be thin, and moving through all the resistance that stops you from wanting that.  It is a process, and it appears from the closed facebook group that many people do not lose weight at first, but instead deal with all of their emotional roots, and then the weight just pours off of them without much conscious focus because their inner world has healed.  Jon Gabriel has it going on, definitely check him out if you think this might help you.  So far, a month in, my sugar cravings have diminished from a 12 out of 10 to a 2 out of 10, so even that change alone has been worth it.  His visualization meditations truly are awesome.

So, if SAM isn't meant to be some weight loss guru as the focus of their channelling, what ARE they supposed to be doing?  Teaching us about the importance of integration with our Soul is definitely their flavor and where they want to continue focusing on.  There is so much out there now on how to integrate with your Higher Self/Essence or Source itself, but they still see 'gaps' in the learning about how your Soul fits into this. So that is what we'll continue to teach.  Again, radio shows would be the place to learn this.  I have 2 years worth of archives in there, all for free, so you could learn a lot without spending a dime.

The title of this blog is 'loving oneself through the chaos'.  Curious as to why?  SAM and Michael have a message they want to share around this, which I will channel 'full channel' in a minute or two.  Another important development that has happened with my channelling is that Archangel Michael and his Fleet have come back to be channelled much more regularly.  This seems to have something to do with Doreen Virtue changing her mind about her teachings and going back to a religious framework where her focus is on Jesus.  Archangel Michael tells me that he is looking for someone to channel him without 'putting him in the box of religion' and so now that her lens has changed, though I am sure he is still being channelled through her, he wants me to channel him more often.  Archangel Michael was the first guide that ever came through for me in 2006, and he's always been around over the years.  Now, though, he's here daily, and he and SAM have a great working relationship, and it's made my channelling more inspired as of late simply to get a different perspective from the angelic realm again, vs. the 'collective consciousness' realm that is SAM.  So we'll see how that plays out.  Life is never dull!

Message from SAM and Archangel Michael on 'loving oneself through the chaos"

Dear ones, if you listen to our radio show Dec 28, 2017- "Tips from Archangel Michael on a Topsy Turvy 2018" you will understand what we are referring to in this blog.  As the energy continues to heighten into more chaos, more dishevelment, more fear, it is more important than ever that you love yourself, love this game, and remind yourself that sometimes the biggest structures in society need to 'fall' in order for new structures to be born.  And fall they will.  And if you have deeply associated yourself with these older paradigms and structures, you will feel like you are falling too.  Instead, you are just being reborn into a higher dimensional reality where these new structures have an opportunity to be birthed, because you as part of raised human consciousness, are capable of birthing them.

So let the chaos in.  Don't block it.  Some of you are 'sensing' all of the energetic changes taking place in this world and you are trying to buffer against the changes.  Do not!  Instead, EMBRACE THE CHAOS.  All of it. Even if that means the occasional upset stomach as you try to digest the new awarenesses you are receiving, or process feelings of overwhelm, fear, or worry.  These are necessary for you to shift your own inner world, your own inner paradigms of what you believe to be true and morally right in this world.  As things rev up to a more highly contrasting state, it will be more important than ever for you to truly know what you believe within yourself.  Because as you see things falling all around you, if you don't have that inner world to cling to, you will fall yourself.

So, how do you love yourself throughout the chaos?  Remind yourself that you are a part of Source, a part of All There Is.  And that this chaos is happening for a reason. Not to victimize yourself, but to free yourself. Free yourself from the archaic structures currently in place that you humans call 'consciousness'.  It is time for them to break away, and though it seems that things are going to hell in a hand basket, this is partially necessary to create such obvious contrast, that even those less awake will take notice that something needs to be done or else the chaos, destruction, pathos and evil power that seems to be uprising, will win out.

Trump, a true Antichrist, is delivering exactly this contrast state that the planet needs to really hone into who you are, and what you believe. If you are okay with how he is treating immigrants, women, other races, anyone other than rich white people (as well as the Christian/Religious Right), then you have to consider if you are part of these elitist groups yourself in mindset.  It should be pretty clear to you, by now, with all of his daily/weekly/monthly examples of contrast, that he is a danger to freedom in society as well as humanity's rights and freedoms.  To not see this, means that you yourself, are still struggling with your own moral code.  Go within, if this is the case, to your own Essence/Source connection, and ask to see wisely 'why' you can not see who Trump really is, or what he represents. If you believe yourself to be a being of Light, then connect to that Light within, and have it cleanse your lens with which you see the world, so that you can see more clearly.  For otherwise, you will 'fall' with the rest of the others as these old paradigms die off, and the new ones are birthed. There will be no exceptions. If you truly can not 'see' the dangers he is representing, then you, dear one, are part of the danger yourself, by your tainted views.

We realize these are strong statements but there is no more time for rhetoric or soft-pedalling.  Trump and the others who support the depravity, as well as other world leaders/countries in play such as North Korea and Russia, are playing a game of consciousness so daring, so dangerous, that the very state of the planet is at risk.  No longer can we as guides see this, and stand idly by without warning you in a deeper way to SEE with your true Essence lens, to KNOW with your true guidance, what is really going on here.  The state of the planet and what tainted consciousness has birthed, depends on it.

So you have to love yourself through this treacherous time.  Don't surround yourself with people who accuse you of being some 'snowflake' and are too blinded by their own inner hatred of others in the world to see themselves as fuelling the enemy. And what is the enemy?  Separation.  Divisiveness.  Exclusion.  Righteousness.  A feeling of superiority.  Or ironically, a feeling of being victimized by others, thus their need to support keeping/sending immigrants out and keeping white people in, as an example.  These folks who can not see through their thick fog, are in fear themselves.  And it is this fear that Trump and his administration are preying on.  Do not be fooled.

The truth of how dire this is, will be out soon.  Of that you can be certain.  And there will be a line drawn in the sand.  And you have to decide 'which side' you are on.  And though this concept itself, this feeling of 'taking sides' could be argued to be exclusion rather than inclusion, there have been other times in history where a line was needed to be drawn.  The world 'picked sides' when Hitler was in power and was killing Jews like they were of no importance to exist on this planet. He got away with it for a long time before the rest of the world started speaking up and fighting with their own moral ground as their foundation.  This moral ground will be tested again.  Which side will you be on?

Archangel Michael and Fleet, and SAM


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Written by Maureen Becker — February 14, 2018


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