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"If the momentum of 'the people' can stay heightened to fight Trump on this immigration issue as well as the other atrocities he is trying to pull, there is hope for USA, and there is hope for the consciousness of the planet." -The Guides

I have had requests since writing the blog from the guides about how this Immigration issue is the Hill to Die on (see blog entitled - Immigration/Human Rights - The Hill To Die On -  June 18 18) to give an update of what the guides think of Trump's executive order.  Rather than answering you all separately I'll give this one response.

The level of outrage from American citizens as well as other countries has actually pleased the guides as far as America's 'response'.  It means to them that 'democracy of USA isn't dead yet'.  The fact that there was so much pressure put on Trump that he did the executive order to at least stop further separating of families, is a start. He could have refused to change it and not given in to the pressure.  HOWEVER.  The details of what he signed still allow him to leave the 2200 children already separated, not reunited and he has made no promises in doing ANYTHING to reunite these kids.  And he's still treating illegal crossings as a higher criminal offense than a misdemeanor meaning anyone who comes even seeking asylum will still be prosecuted as a criminal.

This is far from over.  If he tries to be fully prosecuting families who illegally cross on criminal charges, and yet children aren't allowed to be in jail, this means kids could still be separated as one of his sneaky loopholes. So what he's trying to do is pass a bill where families could be detained longer than 20 days as a way to get around this, which means these families could be detained in these 'camps' for months before the parents were brought to trial.  How is this not like what Hitler did to the Jews?  So this is a lot of smoke and mirrors and Trump and his governing enablers still have to be watched with every step they make (or don't make) as the fight continues to get him to drop the inhumane treatment of any of these mothers/fathers/child immigrants crossing his borders. The fight has only begun.

This is the crux though - even though I am disgusted by what I am reading - how this executive order really won't change anything and Trump is still being Trump, the guides are happy with the people's attention to this subject, the level of outrage and distress, the fact that people are now seeing that this is exactly how Hitler got his power to the point where the concentration camps led to the execution of thousands of Jews....they are happy with the energetic change of people WAKING UP.  (As an aside I often will ask the guides, why do you use Hitler always as the example, what about the Japanese internment camps that happened right within the USA itself? They acknowledge those atrocities as well as others, but say they always use Hitler because 1. people know the most about it and they considered it grievous and 2. they see Trump emulating Hitler in many ways and feel he often tries to 'follow Hitler's playbook".  So the Hitler analogies will keep on coming. )

So though there is a fight ahead of Americans, at least people have not stood idly by and been apathetic to the plight.  Yes, there is the percentage of Trump followers out there saying that 'these parents shouldn't have ever brought their kids there in the first place so this is what happens, I don't feel sorry for them at all' type of rhetoric, but the BULK of Americans are horrified at what is happening. And this is GOOD.

If you read most of my blogs around Trump, all the guides have ever been imploring is that 'the people' need to be waking up, 'the people' need to SEE what is really going on, 'the people' need to ACT.  Well they are.  Some airlines are refusing to fly children to these camps.  People are funding lawyers to defend these children.  Religious groups that normally back Trump are denouncing his immigration plans as 'evil'.  All of these things are great signs to the guides as it means that Trump hasn't deadened everyone's moral standards to the degree where he can get away with anything and no one seems to care anymore.

So though things are awful right now, they see this as HOPE.  As a sign that perhaps, if Americans (and supporting countries) keep fighting this, that democracy can be saved yet.  So though we are still getting the chilling and horrifying facts coming at us about what has been happening inside these camps (ex. they're not even letting siblings hug, separating them from each other, being absolutely heartless in their care), the point is 'the people' are listening, they are acting, and they are saying NO. 


KEEP IT UP.  This is how you will stop Trump from numbing you out with all of his lies and alternative facts to the degree where you just allow him to do whatever he wants with no accountability.  The fact that the bulk of Americans and the rest of the world is responding, and the fact he did concede a bit (even if most of it was for show) means he's not THAT far gone that he is in full dictator mode and the democracy is gone.

This is hope.  If the momentum of 'the people' can stay heightened to fight him on this issue as well as the other atrocities he is trying to pull, there is hope for USA, and there is hope for the consciousness of the planet.

Keep up the good work of awakening, seeing the Truth about all he is truly trying to do, and tirelessly ACTING to make a difference.  This is what the guides have wanted to see from the beginning.  They have hope for our planet and the future potentials, if this type of awareness and action keeps up.  STAY AWAKE!

Over and out,

Maureen Becker passing on thoughts of the guides SAM, Archangel Michael and Fleet, Jesus Christ, Guardians of the Cosmos

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Written by Maureen Becker — June 21, 2018


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