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Why America's Response Gives Guides HOPE - June 21 18

"If the momentum of 'the people' can stay heightened to fight Trump on this immigration issue as well as the other atrocities he is trying to pull, there is hope for USA, and there is hope for the consciousness of the planet." -The Guides

I have had requests since writing the blog from the guides about how this Immigration issue is the Hill to Die on (see blog entitled - Immigration/Human Rights - The Hill To Die On -  June 18 18) to give an update of what the guides think of Trump's executive order.  Rather than answering you all separately I'll give this one response.

The level of outrage from American citizens as well as other countries has actually pleased the guides as far as America's 'response'.  It means to them that 'democracy of USA isn't dead yet'.  The fact that there was so much pressure put on Trump that he did the executive order to at least stop further separating of families, is a start. He could have refused to change it and not given in to the pressure.  HOWEVER.  The details of what he signed still allow him to leave the 2200 children already separated, not reunited and he has made no promises in doing ANYTHING to reunite these kids.  And he's still treating illegal crossings as a higher criminal offense than a misdemeanor meaning anyone who comes even seeking asylum will still be prosecuted as a criminal.

This is far from over.  If he tries to be fully prosecuting families who illegally cross on criminal charges, and yet children aren't allowed to be in jail, this means kids could still be separated as one of his sneaky loopholes. So what he's trying to do is pass a bill where families could be detained longer than 20 days as a way to get around this, which means these families could be detained in these 'camps' for months before the parents were brought to trial.  How is this not like what Hitler did to the Jews?  So this is a lot of smoke and mirrors and Trump and his governing enablers still have to be watched with every step they make (or don't make) as the fight continues to get him to drop the inhumane treatment of any of these mothers/fathers/child immigrants crossing his borders. The fight has only begun.

This is the crux though - even though I am disgusted by what I am reading - how this executive order really won't change anything and Trump is still being Trump, the guides are happy with the people's attention to this subject, the level of outrage and distress, the fact that people are now seeing that this is exactly how Hitler got his power to the point where the concentration camps led to the execution of thousands of Jews....they are happy with the energetic change of people WAKING UP.  (As an aside I often will ask the guides, why do you use Hitler always as the example, what about the Japanese internment camps that happened right within the USA itself? They acknowledge those atrocities as well as others, but say they always use Hitler because 1. people know the most about it and they considered it grievous and 2. they see Trump emulating Hitler in many ways and feel he often tries to 'follow Hitler's playbook".  So the Hitler analogies will keep on coming. )

So though there is a fight ahead of Americans, at least people have not stood idly by and been apathetic to the plight.  Yes, there is the percentage of Trump followers out there saying that 'these parents shouldn't have ever brought their kids there in the first place so this is what happens, I don't feel sorry for them at all' type of rhetoric, but the BULK of Americans are horrified at what is happening. And this is GOOD.

If you read most of my blogs around Trump, all the guides have ever been imploring is that 'the people' need to be waking up, 'the people' need to SEE what is really going on, 'the people' need to ACT.  Well they are.  Some airlines are refusing to fly children to these camps.  People are funding lawyers to defend these children.  Religious groups that normally back Trump are denouncing his immigration plans as 'evil'.  All of these things are great signs to the guides as it means that Trump hasn't deadened everyone's moral standards to the degree where he can get away with anything and no one seems to care anymore.

So though things are awful right now, they see this as HOPE.  As a sign that perhaps, if Americans (and supporting countries) keep fighting this, that democracy can be saved yet.  So though we are still getting the chilling and horrifying facts coming at us about what has been happening inside these camps (ex. they're not even letting siblings hug, separating them from each other, being absolutely heartless in their care), the point is 'the people' are listening, they are acting, and they are saying NO. 


KEEP IT UP.  This is how you will stop Trump from numbing you out with all of his lies and alternative facts to the degree where you just allow him to do whatever he wants with no accountability.  The fact that the bulk of Americans and the rest of the world is responding, and the fact he did concede a bit (even if most of it was for show) means he's not THAT far gone that he is in full dictator mode and the democracy is gone.

This is hope.  If the momentum of 'the people' can stay heightened to fight him on this issue as well as the other atrocities he is trying to pull, there is hope for USA, and there is hope for the consciousness of the planet.

Keep up the good work of awakening, seeing the Truth about all he is truly trying to do, and tirelessly ACTING to make a difference.  This is what the guides have wanted to see from the beginning.  They have hope for our planet and the future potentials, if this type of awareness and action keeps up.  STAY AWAKE!

Over and out,

Maureen Becker passing on thoughts of the guides SAM, Archangel Michael and Fleet, Jesus Christ, Guardians of the Cosmos

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Written by Maureen Becker — June 21, 2018

Immigration/Human Rights - The Hill To Die On - June 18 2018

If you do not stand up on the hill and defend your democracy to annihilate these human rights violations, then you are no better than the countries that you have judged before for similar atrocities. - Maureen & Guides

As fully channelled through by Maureen's Guides, a direct message to you from them:

Issues in US politics as a mirror for the world to learn from are heating up.  The lessons we need to learn as a consciousness, as a planetary lesson could not be more clear than what is staring us right in the face with the Trump Administration's choice to separate migrant children from their families as Mexicans try to illegally come into USA. As of April 2018, Jeff Sessions announced a 'zero tolerance' policy that would allow migrants entering USA to be prosecuted so that children would be forced to be separated from their parents.

Quote from Sunny Hostin, a lawyer on The View explaining in easy- to-understand terms, USA immigration law:

"It certainly is a crime to enter the United States or cross the border illegally.  It is a misdemeanor and punishable for up to 6 months in prison and/or a fine. However, there is no law that mandates that children must be separated from their families.  That is not a law, that is a policy that has been put in place by this administration, put in place in April or May, and that policy was 'zero tolerance' for people coming across the border.  Every single person that comes across the border, regardless of whether they are seeking asylum (because remember historically if people are seeking asylum, they are not crossing the border illegally, they are crossing the border to seek asylum.)  So once they cross the border to seek asylum, they shouldn't be separated from their children. But the other policy that the Trump administration has now put in place is that if you are seeking asylum  1. domestic violence and gang violence, if you are fleeing from those, those are no longer grounds for asylum. and 2 . I think most importantly, you can only seek asylum at a specific port of entry. Many of those ports of entry are no longer admitting or accepting asylum applications. So people get there seeking asylum and then they may go somewhere else to try to cross and now they are being arrested and being separated from their children. That is a policy, not a law."

And what is Trump's response when the Press tries to hold him accountable for making this change? He deflects, blames, and lies.

This is the ultimate concern.  Not only that Trump and his administration have been callous, heartless and lacking empathy enough to put this policy into place, but now they are unwilling to admit the policy is theirs.  Trump truly believes that if you tell a lie enough, keep it in simple language, and keep repeating it, people will think it is true.  He does this over and over.  This is called gaslighting.  Trump is truly a master at it.  The reporters in the clip where he says it is the Democrats' law, are trying to answer him back with "...but it's a policy you put into place" and he just deflects and says some other lie.  Gaslighting at its finest. Has he tricked you?

The Trump administration is also trying to use religion to justify their actions.  Both Jeff Sessions and Sara Huckabee Sanders were supporting bible quotes being used as justification for following the law of this immigration policy.  When is the last time you had a leader in the USA use phrases from any religious text to justify laws and policies?  Where is the separation between church and state? Is this truly the direction you want to be moving in, using a text that not all in the country agree with to justify the laws you are making?  Is this not a violation of the First Amendment?

We have already reached a critical time in the 'learning' of everything that is going on here -  you have a leader who will deny facts right to your face, who even with proof of facts, will further lie and deflect blame.  This is narcissist behavior and we have been saying since before Trump was elected that we believe he suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  Read the symptoms and tell us that this man does not display almost all of them:


Symptoms as cited from above link - Mayo Clinic:

"Signs and symptoms of narcissistic personality disorder and the severity of symptoms vary. People with the disorder can:

Have an exaggerated sense of self-importance  

Have a sense of entitlement and require constant, excessive admiration

Expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it

Exaggerate achievements and talents

Be preoccupied with fantasies about success, power, brilliance, beauty or the perfect mate

Believe they are superior and can only associate with equally special people

Monopolize conversations and belittle or look down on people they perceive as inferior

Expect special favors and unquestioning compliance with their expectations

Take advantage of others to get what they want

Have an inability or unwillingness to recognize the needs and feelings of others

Be envious of others and believe others envy them

Behave in an arrogant or haughty manner, coming across as conceited, boastful and pretentious

Insist on having the best of everything — for instance, the best car or office

At the same time, people with narcissistic personality disorder have trouble handling anything they perceive as criticism, and they can:

Become impatient or angry when they don't receive special treatment

Have significant interpersonal problems and easily feel slighted

React with rage or contempt and try to belittle the other person to make themselves appear superior

Have difficulty regulating emotions and behavior

Experience major problems dealing with stress and adapting to change

Feel depressed and moody because they fall short of perfection

Have secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation"


This information is not new.  Many people are in agreement, including many psychologists that even wrote a book about this  (  And yet still the public at large believes he is just a 'bad president' and things will get back to normal after he is voted out.

You are missing the gravity of this situation.  Though there have been 'bad presidents' before, where not everyone agreed with policies and everyone was happier when someone newer and potentially 'better' was voted in, this is not the same situation. This is a case where you have a leader who wants to be a dictator, whose heroes are Putin and Kim Jon Un.  Whose enemies are common allies of the United States such as the recent trade war debacle at the G7 summit with Justin Trudeau.  Donald Trump is not acting from a balanced, moral place.  Nor is his administration. He has enough enablers, and/or followers who believe what he does, that he is well-cushioned in the White House and even if he is removed, unless the Republicans who have been enabling him are fully taken out of power, this type of rhetoric will continue.

Do you not see how dire this is?  As spiritual guides we are not political by nature but we are certainly morally bound to 'let you know' when we see you crossing a threshold that you can not turn back from. We have been giving warnings on the radio show Just A Normal Chick Who Channels ( for months now about where this is headed if 'the people' do not rise up and stop this before the contrast gets worse.

Well the contrast is ramping up.  It is worse.  If you can turn away from the fact that young children have been ripped away from their parents, are staying in makeshift camps where they are in cages and are not allowed to be touched or comforted by staff because it is 'against policy', then your own morality and level of compassion is in question.  There are also reports of some parents being deported back to Mexico without being reunited with their children.  If this were happening in any other country you would be judging it for human rights violations. Many of you in the USA are outraged, as you should be, but what will you DO about this?  As Trump and his administration continue to point fingers and blame the Democrats and say none of this can change until THEY fix this (when meanwhile all it would take is one phone call from Trump to stop this separation and he knows that), what will you be doing in the meantime? Shaking your head and saying what a shame this is and then changing the channel from the News to watch your favorite reality TV program in order to 'forget the stress of the day'?

This is everyone's problem, especially those that live in USA.  The UN has cited that this separation must stop immediately and now Trump is talking about leaving the UN human rights council. ( This of course, so that he can not be held accountable by any governing type of body for further human rights violations.  And yet he isn't attempting to be a dictator??  He is trying to create a system for himself where he will not be held accountable to anyone (like his allies at G7 summit) but instead will join forces with dictators such as the leaders of Russia and North Korea because they do what they want to do and do not consider their people's rights in any way. And for any of you saying that Trump doesn't want to be a dictator, he as much said it himself.  How much in-your-face proof do you need to realize what is truly going on here?  Use your discernment!

You are at the tipping point. Once you cross this threshold, the contrast will be extreme.  If Trump and his administration get away with treating helpless children in these ways that are violating human rights, YOU will be next.  First 'the test' of a dictatorship is to treat those who are not of his country in an inhumane way and see if he can get away with it. If he does, then the next step will be to treat his own people in this way, because he will be emboldened by 'the people's' lack of action.  You have reached this precipice. THIS immigration issue with children separated from their families IS the hill to die on. If you do not scream loud enough, and make enough of an issue about this, so that the separation of families is immediately revoked, families are reunited, and a bill is passed to change this for the future, may you be prepared for what comes next, when the human rights violations appear right at your own front door.

This is a test that we don't believe all of you are going to pass. You seem to need grievous contrast of death and destruction before you take notice. Have you truly become this complicit, this numb, this ignorant of your own human rights that you would allow this treatment of the children to go on and tell yourself that this is just a Republican vs. Democrats issue?  If you do, then we wish you the grace and power that you are going to need to push through your own ignorance, your own defiance of what is good and true, to 'see' what is truly happening here. If you do not stand up on the hill and defend your democracy to annihilate these human rights violations, then you are no better than the countries that you have judged before for similar atrocities.

The time is now for you to decide which side you are on.  There is no going back.

Channelled words of SAM, Archangel Michael, Jesus Christ, Guardians of the Cosmos (all in union for this message)

channeller - Maureen Becker

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Written by Maureen Becker — June 18, 2018

Understanding Our Own Triggers - Ex. Humboldt Broncos

Now before I even start I want to preface this with the following - if what I channel through as perspective angers you, please spare me the comments when you are in a triggered/activated state.  If you get triggered, you need to be responsible enough FOR that trigger to sit with it, figure out what it's really about, before going off half-cocked and responding in a triggered way.  Deal?  Okay, on we go.

When the Humboldt Broncos bus crashed on April 6, 2018, and so many people died and were injured, it was and is a horrible tragedy.  Outpouring of emotion came quickly as many people were posting in social media and the topic was covered internationally.  Whenever things like this happen, I immediately see what I can get out of SAM as far as 'why' this would happen.  Would all of these Souls have chosen to exit in this way? Why?  Why would this happen to a bus load of hockey players? Why would they need to die when they had such a promising future?  They wouldn't answer any of these questions, and in fact, still won't.

Instead SAM gave me 1 statement as a response -  "Would there be the same level of outcry if it was a bus full of indigenous hockey players?"

Whoa.  That was their response?  That was a loaded response.  They were inferring that we here in Canada, would not be as upset or do as much in grieving or even attempts at Go Fund Me's, if these boys were not white.  I didn't know how to respond to that. So i sat with it.  For days.  Silently.

Then Nora Loreto this week tweets, "I'm trying to not get cynical about what is a totally devastating tragedy but the maleness, the youthfulness, and the whiteness of the victims are, of course, playing a significant role."

And people lost their shit.  I mean LOST IT.  She has received rape and death threats. People have called for her to be fired from Maclean's even though she is a freelance writer and self-employed.  When I saw her tweet, and saw the response, I could understood why people reacted negatively.  It felt crass.  Coming at a time where news was still coming in about people from the crash dying of the injuries in the hospital and the death toll was rising, it felt ill-timed. Families and loved ones still reeling from the news and how their lives will be ever changed.  As a tweet, to lay that out, it can come across as lacking compassion, or callous.  I think to tweet something like that, rather than give it a full article, perhaps was what made the attacks on her so vicious.  Everyone could assume what she meant by that with their own interpretations rather than giving her full perspective a chance.  Lesson learned. Don't tweet potentially triggering messages that need more context.

However there is truth to her words.  Truth in the sense that people are relating to this tragedy so much more than other tragedies, because they can connect on so many levels:

- the times that they too sent their child on a bus with some sports team, an identification with the tragedy because this as easily could have happened to them

- identification with hockey itself as Canada's sport and thus people commenting on social media this is a 'Canadian tragedy'

- the fact that these boys were young and had their whole hockey career potentials ahead of them, which a person could relate to as a person passing away before they had a chance to make their claim in life (how many people feel like they don't get a chance to fully realise their dreams or that time is fleeting?)  

I could go on.  You get the point.  What Nora Loreto was picking up on, was the double standard.  And she spoke about it.  And vitriol was the response.

So just give SAM a chance here, to see this from a different perspective. If you're already frothing at the mouth over what you're reading here, all the more reason to keep reading, assuming you pride yourself to be someone who opens yourself up to new perspectives. Yes, you do?  Great...stay with me here.

It is a common level of consciousness where we as people, are most able to empathise with what we know and have experienced ourselves.  Hockey in Canada, we know.  People wanting to realize their dreams, we know.  Being youthful and having your whole life ahead of you, with promise of a great career, we can empathise with.

So it's natural that because we can empathise so clearly with this (how many of you have said, 'That could have been my kid on that bus!"), it will affect you more deeply.  This is human nature.

So, now take away some of these factors where you see yourself in these families who are grieving, or teens and coaches/therapists who died.

In a hypothetical new tragedy,  now the victims are not the same race as you. Immediately, unless you have a connection to the race in question, it can be harder to 'connect' and empathise.  What you don't know well, is harder to connect to.  If you know someone of this race, and know their culture, it will be easier for you to connect with their race because you have an anchor to that race or culture. This is why people always talk about how important talking with 'the other side' would be.  If you can get to know the person, see their perspective, understand where they are coming from (i.e. empathy) you are more likely to lessen your hatred/discord with them.  Example - watch America Inside Out with Katie Couric where she attempts to get black and white people to sit in the same room with each other and after a few minutes the white men admit their perspective has changed on the problems of a black man in their culture once hearing him out. (I saw this clip when she was interviewed on The View regarding her documentary a few days ago)

On we go with our hypothetical musing.  Now not only are the people of said tragedy of a different race (potential disconnect), but you don't have hockey in common.  Now it is a group of gymnasts on the bus.  Or a group of elderly shoppers going to USA to shop at Target for a weekend trip.  Are you as equally triggered about the tragedy of 16 lives lost?  Are you still thinking, 'That could have been my mother or father on that bus?"

Maybe you are.  That would be so if the elderly story triggered you as a daughter or son, with the empathy of how you would feel if you found out your parent had died that way.  What if you didn't have parents in your life as they had died years ago?  Would an elderly bus crash still trigger you then if you didn't have an immediate personal experience to empathise with? Perhaps not.  What Nora Loreto was alluding to (perhaps in a triggering way) was the fact that depending on 'who' the people were that were in a crisis, we will respond differently.  SHE IS RIGHT.

We are funny humans when it comes to race.  "Playing the race card", "race baiting" is often thrown around as soon as someone comments on race.  Let's take race out of this equation for now.  Let's just focus on 'common factors'.

There were just 23 children that died on a bus crash in India.  Where is the go fund me 8 million dollar campaign for that?  "Well that is in India, that's really far away..."   Right.  Less compassion or empathy, because it feels like it is something happening 'out there to someone else'.  Some will relate to it on the level of children have died, and so that may be their empathy anchor.  Others may relate to it because they have travelled to India recently, know how lovely the people are there, and thus would feel more connected to the incident.  Thus, that would be their empathy anchor.

Nora Loreto, was commenting on the irony of our lack of consistency in our empathy for all people.  You can't deny there is truth to this.  Should it have been tweeted without context? Maybe not.  But is it truth?  Yes there is Truth to it.  Since we connect with what we know, people are claiming this Humboldt Broncos tragedy as theirs. You have identified with it in some way, and for some of you, this self-identification has been unconscious. 

Yet, do you have the same level of compassion for the Syrians who have just been chemical gassed?  ( )  

Or these 23 children that also died on a bus in India? ( )

If you are feeling indignant right now, as you are reading this, that is because you are realising perhaps that you have not responded with the same level of grief, compassion or anguish to some of these other tragedies. You might even be angry with me/SAM now, and getting ready to write some nasty comments with the indignant cry of "How dare you say I don't care about everyone equally!!!".

Slow down there. Just SIT IN THIS for a bit.  What if you don't care about everyone equally? Does that make you a bad person?  Or simply one that is responding to your own empathy anchors? If you don't relate to a situation in a deeper way, is this not okay to not have the same level of empathy if this is truly where you are at with your own stages of empathy? Who's judging here?  Are you embarrassed or humiliated at the idea that you may not have the same level of empathy for everyone?

That is YOUR trigger. Your trigger to own.  The fact that maybe you do respond differently to different crises, based on your own connection to the circumstances - THIS IS HUMAN.  This is normal.  It is a raise in consciousness both for yourself and others when this can be discussed, without shame attaching to it.  The goal is to see past this state of self-identifying compassion to reach the consciousness level state of compassion for all.

We are what we know.  The experiences we have shape our reality.  Thus, we will respond with deeper emotion to experiences we understand.  If you have been raped or sexually assaulted, you will have more of a response to the #metoo movement.  If you have PTSD from some deep crises that happened in your life, you will have more empathy for others with PTSD.  If you have been an alcoholic and have gone through rehab/recovery, you will be more empathetic for those struggling with alcoholism.  THIS IS NORMAL.

What isn't normal, or shouldn't be normal, is our reaction to someone calling this truth out.  Though one could criticise Nora for her timing or perceived lack of tact in what she was saying, she was witnessing from a higher level of consciousness this lack of consistency.  She does not deserve the attacks.  And for those of you who have attacked her, or would attack her if others didn't know who you were, can you sit in that for a few moments?

What has she triggered in you?  The awareness that maybe you aren't as empathetic of a person as you thought you were?  Where does that fear of judgement come from?  Can you lose that judgement and realize you are human?  Can you accept the fact that maybe it is true that you aren't empathetic consistently to all races, all tragedies, all situations?  Can you live with this Truth for the time being?

You gain empathy and become a more empathetic person by learning to have compassion for any situation.  If you were to sit for the next 15 minutes reading all the articles to do with the bus crash in India, read accounts from grieving parents, saw pictures of the tragedy, you would connect with it and then perhaps have a deeper response.  If you were to focus on these chemical gas attacks in Syria, again, you could gain empathy. Instead, if something pulls out fear in us (fear of this happening in our country), our first instinct is to avoid it or not think about it.  So when you feel less empathy for certain situations sometimes it is a coping mechanism because you yourself can not 'go there' because then you will be in too much fear.

Okay, so you're considering that maybe you do respond differently depending on the situation.  Great! The 1st step in change is to be aware of what needs to change.  Can we go a step farther?  Why is it that this Broncos tragedy has already raised 8 million dollars in funding and yet there are so many other local tragedies (within Canada) that go so unfunded?  Is it that you aren't as empathetically or emotionally connected to them?    THIS IS OKAY.  It's where you're at.  But then the remedy, is to CONNECT with these tragedies, research them, get to understand them. CONNECT with them in ways where you gain empathy.  Work on gaining more empathy, for all people.  See it as part of your self-growth journey.

An article standing up for Nora Loreto was written and I add it here because we're talking similar perspectives here.  Mathieu Murphy-Perron has the facts on some of the specific examples of ways we are not consistent, even as Canadians.  Why IS it that we as woman in Manitoba or Canada are not as enraged for all the missing and murdered indigenous women, as one example?  If all of a sudden a community filled with white women were murdered, would we be doing more?  

The article:

These are questions we have to ask ourselves, without judgement. If you want to grow as a person, you have to be willing to ask the tough questions. To just get on your high horse and say, "How dare you call me a racist, I of course would be just as upset whether the woman was white or indigenous..." then I ask you this.  Then why is this community still struggling to be heard?  Why is more not being done?  How has this become 'an Indigenous problem' rather than our problem? What have you done to help them on their journey to solve these murders that are still happening? Where is the Go Fund Me campaign for that? And is it at 8 million dollars?  You can check here to see how the funding is going for missing/murdered indigenous projects. and murdered indigenous women  

We have a long way to go.  For those that deny this, that is because you fear judgement. Perhaps even through the religious dogma beliefs you may carry that there is a deity that would judge you if he/she knew that you felt differently about a certain race or culture than another.  Don't kid yourself...any 'deity' you believe in would know your thoughts and know you already feel this way through your actions so who are you hiding this from?  Let it out into the light.  You don't have to speak it to anyone else at this point.  But just consider for yourself this question:

Do I treat everyone and every tragedy equally in my compassion and empathy for it?  And if I don't, why not?  How could I change this and become more empathetic and compassionate in the future?  How could I raise my consciousness in my ability to feel empathy and compassion for all?

You may just discover some beautiful growth with your own stages of empathy and compassion as a result.

Peace out.  

Maureen & SAM

copyright Source Within 2018. All Rights Reserved.


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Written by Maureen Becker — April 13, 2018

Loving Oneself Through The Chaos

I really don't get a pull often to write on this blog, I feel like whatever I have to say, I say on my radio show or say to my clients who are in my groups.  And so if you do want to keep up with current teachings, my Just A Normal Chick That Channels radio show on News For The Soul would be the best way to do that.

However, just for old times' sake, I will give you a bit of an update.

If you've read my other blogs, you'll know one of my biggest 'learnings' this lifetime is to do with self-love, and one way that has been tested is through my weight.  Since posting blogs about my discoveries around health, I have lost 40 pounds and have kept it off for a year or more, but I still have 60 pounds to go and am certainly not out of the woods yet. Though these 40 pounds were lost on my own, with the biggest stimulus having to be eating sea moss in my shakes, I have now decided to 'get help' to lose the remaining 60 pounds and am happy to have a rich resource to receive that help.   Have you ever heard of The Gabriel Method?  So far in my search, it is the only weight loss support system that is actually not aimed at what you're eating or what exercise you're doing (though there is a lot of info about this too).  The focus in The Gabriel Method is all about the emotional reasons behind your weight gain.  Visualization meditations are used daily to help you connect in with your Source connection (he calls it 'a ball of Light') and use that connection to work through food/sugar cravings, emotional roots of your weight gain, etc.  It's a fabulous program.  So I encourage people who may be ready to tackle more of the emotional roots of why they overeat, to try out his program.  He has written a few books, but also has a website where he is constantly offering new in-depth programs to deal with weight loss.

Though I have  SAM in my head to help guide me through some of this resistance, I have discovered that they are only allowed to help me so much. If they fully deliver exactly what I need to shift this, they have cheated in some way, intervened in an experience that is meant to be my own.  Though I lost the 40 pounds through their guidance of certain 'tricks', I felt like they were holding back on giving me more support.  After point blank asking them if they were karmically held back from helping me fully lose weight, their answer was that in some ways, it would be better for me to lose the weight with other resources so that I could then suggest these 'other methods that worked for me'.  If SAM helps me lose 100 pounds, then I will begin attracting a lot of clients to help also lose this weight, and that is not SAM's purpose in what they are meant to be teaching. Not to mention, why recreate the wheel?  The Gabriel Method truly has figured out how to help people - helping people lose the 'protection' that weight gain offers, discover their emotional roots and heal them using EFT Tapping, visualization/meditation, as well as other methods. Jon Gabriel is networked well with many other resources to support these shifts. So the Universe already has 'the answer' for energetic/emotional weight loss.  So I started Jon Gabriel's course (New Year, New You) in January 2018.  I guess time will tell to see how long it will take for the 60 remaining pounds to be lost.  He suggests no scales, no weighing, but to focus fully on getting your body towards seeking out health and wanting to be thin, and moving through all the resistance that stops you from wanting that.  It is a process, and it appears from the closed facebook group that many people do not lose weight at first, but instead deal with all of their emotional roots, and then the weight just pours off of them without much conscious focus because their inner world has healed.  Jon Gabriel has it going on, definitely check him out if you think this might help you.  So far, a month in, my sugar cravings have diminished from a 12 out of 10 to a 2 out of 10, so even that change alone has been worth it.  His visualization meditations truly are awesome.

So, if SAM isn't meant to be some weight loss guru as the focus of their channelling, what ARE they supposed to be doing?  Teaching us about the importance of integration with our Soul is definitely their flavor and where they want to continue focusing on.  There is so much out there now on how to integrate with your Higher Self/Essence or Source itself, but they still see 'gaps' in the learning about how your Soul fits into this. So that is what we'll continue to teach.  Again, radio shows would be the place to learn this.  I have 2 years worth of archives in there, all for free, so you could learn a lot without spending a dime.

The title of this blog is 'loving oneself through the chaos'.  Curious as to why?  SAM and Michael have a message they want to share around this, which I will channel 'full channel' in a minute or two.  Another important development that has happened with my channelling is that Archangel Michael and his Fleet have come back to be channelled much more regularly.  This seems to have something to do with Doreen Virtue changing her mind about her teachings and going back to a religious framework where her focus is on Jesus.  Archangel Michael tells me that he is looking for someone to channel him without 'putting him in the box of religion' and so now that her lens has changed, though I am sure he is still being channelled through her, he wants me to channel him more often.  Archangel Michael was the first guide that ever came through for me in 2006, and he's always been around over the years.  Now, though, he's here daily, and he and SAM have a great working relationship, and it's made my channelling more inspired as of late simply to get a different perspective from the angelic realm again, vs. the 'collective consciousness' realm that is SAM.  So we'll see how that plays out.  Life is never dull!

Message from SAM and Archangel Michael on 'loving oneself through the chaos"

Dear ones, if you listen to our radio show Dec 28, 2017- "Tips from Archangel Michael on a Topsy Turvy 2018" you will understand what we are referring to in this blog.  As the energy continues to heighten into more chaos, more dishevelment, more fear, it is more important than ever that you love yourself, love this game, and remind yourself that sometimes the biggest structures in society need to 'fall' in order for new structures to be born.  And fall they will.  And if you have deeply associated yourself with these older paradigms and structures, you will feel like you are falling too.  Instead, you are just being reborn into a higher dimensional reality where these new structures have an opportunity to be birthed, because you as part of raised human consciousness, are capable of birthing them.

So let the chaos in.  Don't block it.  Some of you are 'sensing' all of the energetic changes taking place in this world and you are trying to buffer against the changes.  Do not!  Instead, EMBRACE THE CHAOS.  All of it. Even if that means the occasional upset stomach as you try to digest the new awarenesses you are receiving, or process feelings of overwhelm, fear, or worry.  These are necessary for you to shift your own inner world, your own inner paradigms of what you believe to be true and morally right in this world.  As things rev up to a more highly contrasting state, it will be more important than ever for you to truly know what you believe within yourself.  Because as you see things falling all around you, if you don't have that inner world to cling to, you will fall yourself.

So, how do you love yourself throughout the chaos?  Remind yourself that you are a part of Source, a part of All There Is.  And that this chaos is happening for a reason. Not to victimize yourself, but to free yourself. Free yourself from the archaic structures currently in place that you humans call 'consciousness'.  It is time for them to break away, and though it seems that things are going to hell in a hand basket, this is partially necessary to create such obvious contrast, that even those less awake will take notice that something needs to be done or else the chaos, destruction, pathos and evil power that seems to be uprising, will win out.

Trump, a true Antichrist, is delivering exactly this contrast state that the planet needs to really hone into who you are, and what you believe. If you are okay with how he is treating immigrants, women, other races, anyone other than rich white people (as well as the Christian/Religious Right), then you have to consider if you are part of these elitist groups yourself in mindset.  It should be pretty clear to you, by now, with all of his daily/weekly/monthly examples of contrast, that he is a danger to freedom in society as well as humanity's rights and freedoms.  To not see this, means that you yourself, are still struggling with your own moral code.  Go within, if this is the case, to your own Essence/Source connection, and ask to see wisely 'why' you can not see who Trump really is, or what he represents. If you believe yourself to be a being of Light, then connect to that Light within, and have it cleanse your lens with which you see the world, so that you can see more clearly.  For otherwise, you will 'fall' with the rest of the others as these old paradigms die off, and the new ones are birthed. There will be no exceptions. If you truly can not 'see' the dangers he is representing, then you, dear one, are part of the danger yourself, by your tainted views.

We realize these are strong statements but there is no more time for rhetoric or soft-pedalling.  Trump and the others who support the depravity, as well as other world leaders/countries in play such as North Korea and Russia, are playing a game of consciousness so daring, so dangerous, that the very state of the planet is at risk.  No longer can we as guides see this, and stand idly by without warning you in a deeper way to SEE with your true Essence lens, to KNOW with your true guidance, what is really going on here.  The state of the planet and what tainted consciousness has birthed, depends on it.

So you have to love yourself through this treacherous time.  Don't surround yourself with people who accuse you of being some 'snowflake' and are too blinded by their own inner hatred of others in the world to see themselves as fuelling the enemy. And what is the enemy?  Separation.  Divisiveness.  Exclusion.  Righteousness.  A feeling of superiority.  Or ironically, a feeling of being victimized by others, thus their need to support keeping/sending immigrants out and keeping white people in, as an example.  These folks who can not see through their thick fog, are in fear themselves.  And it is this fear that Trump and his administration are preying on.  Do not be fooled.

The truth of how dire this is, will be out soon.  Of that you can be certain.  And there will be a line drawn in the sand.  And you have to decide 'which side' you are on.  And though this concept itself, this feeling of 'taking sides' could be argued to be exclusion rather than inclusion, there have been other times in history where a line was needed to be drawn.  The world 'picked sides' when Hitler was in power and was killing Jews like they were of no importance to exist on this planet. He got away with it for a long time before the rest of the world started speaking up and fighting with their own moral ground as their foundation.  This moral ground will be tested again.  Which side will you be on?

Archangel Michael and Fleet, and SAM


copyright Source Within 2018. All Rights Reserved.


Written by Maureen Becker — February 14, 2018

Sex, Empowerment, and Madonna

"Madonna broke all the rules when women were too oblivious to realize that the rules needed to be broken."

Madonna's recent Woman Of The Year award speech for the Billboard Women In Music 2016 has been a stimulus for me to think about her influence over my sexuality and feelings as an empowered woman.  Madonna's Like A Virgin record (no CDs then!) came out when I was just 16, still a virgin myself and just entering into a relationship with my first boyfriend.  Madonna launched into the world as an openly sexual woman, which was an even stronger mirror over the years once she released her sex book and her Erotica album.  I still have memories of dancing at the bar with my friends in my early twenties, with the video of Justify My Love (from Immaculate Collection album) on the screen, educating me on what 'open-minded' sexuality could look like.

At the time, I followed the flow of what society was saying about her - some were happy with her brazenness and saying it was about time that someone female expressed what sexuality could be. Others condemned her (and more condemned her, according to her in her Billboard speech as you can see below). Madonna herself in this video recounts how she was accused of setting women back by objectifying herself sexually, that she was a witch, a whore, even Satan.  After watching Madonna's full Billboard speech, I actually have more respect for her.

Madonna is a trailblazer.  Her one line is very telling -  "I remember wishing that I had a female peer that I could look to for support."

There wasn't one.

Madonna paved the way for all of us to more openly embrace our sexuality, and she has the scars to prove it.  She is emotional when she gives this speech, showing that even now, so many years later, it still hurts to her core in how she was vilified. And yet, she trudged on.  She decided she would be a 'bad feminist' and created her own definition of what that meant.

We need more Madonnas in the world.  She has continued to be seen in the entertainment years, for over 30 years as one of the women that has shaped not only music today, but expression of one's self.  Madonna broke all the rules when women were too oblivious to realize that the rules needed to be broken.

I saw her in concert in Minneapolis 5 years ago for my 40th birthday.  I was actually quite disappointed in the concert itself, because she didn't come onto stage until 10:45 (or maybe it was even 11:45 pm), with no opening act, concert starting at 8 pm. We were told as soon as we gave our tickets in, at the Target Centre that we were 'not allowed to leave but Madonna wouldn't be on for 3 hours'.  By the time Madonna did actually come on stage 3 hours later, though it was a good concert, her treatment of her fans left a bitter taste in my mouth.

But this isn't about the fact that she may be a potential diva - and no, for those thinking, 'maybe something went wrong', she had everyone waiting the night before til the same time, and many tour reviews commented on her late starts, with no opening acts.  But after watching her speech, I realize I need to be thinking 'bigger picture' about Madonna.

What has she accomplished for women?  Or better yet, what has she accomplished for me?

I believe one of the reasons I am so open sexually is due to Madonna.  Her showing that route as 'a path' - not the only path but certainly a path - made it a choice.  Had I not had her mirror, I would have stayed in the sexual repression that I think way too many women still stay in, even now in 2016.  So for that reason alone, Madonna is a positive, grand influence in my life.  She has shaped the kind of men I have been/am attracted to, what they offer a woman, as well as give me the option of holding equal power with a man in the bedroom.  I somehow doubt "I have a headache" is an expression that is ever uttered by male or female when Madonna is around.  She is sexuality on a stick - raw, 'in your face', and begging for you to consider how YOU feel about what she portrays.

So instead of slut, whore, devil/Satan or feminism crasher, I'm going to continue to see her as the Trailblazer that she truly has been, and still is.

Thanks Madonna.  My sexuality thanks you.  My frankness for 'no bullshit' expression thanks you.  And most of all, my glass ceiling thanks you because I realize there really doesn't have to be one, unless I want there to be one, of course. :)

Cheers to Madonna and her willingness to have crashed first through the female sexuality glass ceiling, to a place that many before her were too full of fear or cowardice to plunge through.

Sorry it's been such a struggle and you've had to put up with so much shit.  But we stand with you now, a little stronger, a little wiser, and realize you've opened us to potentials that without you, we may never have discovered.  Cheers to you.


And her full acceptance speech:

Written by Maureen Becker — December 14, 2016


We promise to only send you good things.

This game of life is meant to be played with joy, love, contentment - not suffering and contrast.


Yes the law of attraction does work. Is your Soul willing to be that powerful?


Souls need to reconnect with their gifts and strengths, and own who they really are.


Time to shine dear ones! What is your deservability in shining?


Connecting the Soul with its Ego costume through Essence, allows your gifts to burst forth.


This integration of all that you are, allows you to play this game intuitively rather than defensively.


There is so much that you could create from this Integrated Being state! What's stopping you?


We can help you discover this Integration, discover you. And burst forth into this world as the firecracker you really are.


Fear, sadness,anger, doubt, all of that can be overridden. The fact you are a piece of 'god'? That is simple Truth.


Honoring your soul's purpose from a content, Integrated state. Now that is enjoyment of the game.